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03/13/09 08:19 PM #3    

Gary Baker(PS)


03/15/09 12:14 AM #4    

Tami Dawson (Mead)

Rodney is right Gary, great job! The website just keeps getting better and better.

03/16/09 11:07 PM #5    

Sharon Smith (Lawrence)

Gary you did an Excellent job!!!!!!Thanks for looking out for the best class . The class of *89*.

Sharon Smith Lawrence

03/18/09 06:53 PM #6    

Shannon Jackson (Trejo)

Gary, you did a great job on the website! Thanks so much for this avenue to keep up with everyone. Take care and hope to see you in October.

03/22/09 06:28 PM #7    

Emily Simmons (Jones)

This site is very easy to navigate. Gary you did awight. Well, okay you did great. Thanks for the time and effort you spent to create a successful site.

04/03/09 11:56 PM #8    

Tami Dawson (Mead)


The reunion is being scheduled for homecoming weekend. 10/2-10/3. The class of 89 also has a group on facebook that has some information on it.

05/11/09 01:37 AM #9    

Chris Noel

What UP class of 89 ? Gary this is awesome, only a Tiffiny Pines representer could have masterminded something so off the hook.(for you lames that means Fresh)THANKS

05/12/09 03:42 PM #10    

Young Blue

Put the date on the reunion home page for the reunion.

05/25/09 05:21 PM #11    

Steven Lovelace

Does not seem like it has been 20 years but it has and we have all grown up and started families of our own. Look forward to catching up with everyone hope to see a bunch at the reunion

06/01/09 08:10 PM #12    

Wanda Bronson (Godfrey)

Gary this is awesome... Thanks for bringing back so many memories... I look forward to seeing everyone that is coming to our "20" reunion...:)

06/04/09 05:43 PM #13    

Karen McLean

This sounds inviting. I appreciate what you are doing Mr. Baker!!!!!!!!!!

06/06/09 10:06 AM #14    

Darryle Foy

we are greatful to have a classmate like yourself that has the talent and ability to move our class into the way the 21st century communicates; again great job on the website!

Darryle R. Foy (Drac)

06/10/09 12:18 PM #15    

Sharon Williams

Gary, you did an excellent job with developing a website which enables our classmates to communicate with each other!

08/04/09 10:02 PM #16    

Linc Butler

Gary - I know everyone has already said this, but awesome job on the site! Thanks for all the work you put into this!

08/28/09 12:40 AM #17    

Micah Johnson

Gary, you did an outstanding job with this site!!! Look forward to seeing everyone for our 20th!!!

09/08/09 09:49 AM #18    

Melissa Moses

This is so wonderful! It is definitely a great way to reconnect with old friends. Seeing the pictures and reading the updates, brings back many good memories for me. I wish you all the best!

09/14/09 10:08 PM #19    

Sekhar Ghosh

Hello All! OK, I have paid and registered, lets have a great showing everyone. Hope to see everyone there.

09/16/09 03:16 PM #20    

Stacie Pompili (Towe)

Gary, this is wonderful! Great job on the site and all the information! Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion!!!!

09/23/09 10:21 PM #21    

Cynthia Graham

Gary I also wanted to say thank you for a fantastick web site. I think you have done an awsome job. Kudos to you.

10/02/09 12:54 AM #22    

Linda Hargis (Hargis-Grooms)

Hey all, wish I could be there for the reunion. Unfortunately the AF and our personal life does not allow for it! Hope everyone has a great time and I wish the best to all. Also hoping that there might be some pictures posted somewhere, after the reunion weekend?? Hope someone will let me know. Take care!


10/05/09 10:08 PM #23    

Chuck Kimball

thank you for all your hard work in making this weekend a great success, hope to see everyone in 5 yrs.

please let me know if ya'll need help next time


10/16/09 10:45 AM #24    

Melissa Moses

Wow! I just saw the pictures. Everyone looks GREAT!!! May God bless each of you and your families as well.

12/11/09 10:52 PM #25    

Nick Watkins

What up Trojans, Wish me & my wife could of made it. Saw the pics & alot of familiar faces. but Uncle sam keeps us busy at times, AF that is. Look forward to meeting up with some of yall one day. Be easy, too my man Shawn Bowe, wsup

01/05/10 07:51 PM #26    

Chuck Kimball

What's up everyone!!!

Happy New Year and may the Lord bless you and your families this year

03/01/10 01:50 PM #27    

Karen Leroy (West)

Why do we wait so long to see each other. I didnt make it to the reunion...but I see so many pics, and so many people on Facebook.....why don't we just plan an informal gathering sometime?

Those that can come know, like just meet a a resturant one night. Or something!

Anyone else who likes the idea, let me know!!!

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